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Мікросхема нова. В стікері.
AF82801JIB використовується в десктопних системах та ноутбуках.
Для монтажу необхідне спеціальне устаткування та навики роботи із чіпами типу BGA.
Перед встановленням AF82801JIB ретельно перевірте чіп на наявність механічних пошкоджень. А також на коротке замикання між контактами живлення.
Також перед встановлення рекомендується просушити чіп при температурі 90-100гр. на протязі 10год.
Гарантія 14 днів.
Товар приймається магазином назад тільки у товарному вигляді без слідів використання.
Після встановлення гарантія на AF82801JIB не розповсюджується.
Всі пропозиції для категорії Intel – тут

Основні параметри AF82801JIB:
Direct Media Interface
— 10 Gb/s each direction, full duplex
— Transparent to software
PCI Express*
— 6 PCI Express root ports
— Supports PCI Express 1.1
— Ports 1-4 can be statically configured as 4×1,
or 1×4
— Support for full 2.5 Gb/s bandwidth in each
direction per x1 lane
— Module based Hot-Plug supported (e.g.,
PCI Bus Interface
— Supports PCI Rev 2.3 Specification at
33 MHz
— Four available PCI REQ/GNT pairs
— Support for 64-bit addressing on PCI using
DAC protocol
Integrated Serial ATA Host Controller
— Up to six SATA ports
— Data transfer rates up to 3.0 Gb/s
(300 MB/s).
— Integrated AHCI controller
External SATA support
— Port Disable Capability
Intel® Matrix Storage Technology
— Configures the ICH10 SATA controller as a
RAID controller supporting RAID 0/1/5/10
Intel® High Definition Audio Interface
— PCI Express endpoint
— Independent Bus Master logic for eight
general purpose streams: four input and four
— Support four external Codecs
— Supports variable length stream slots
— Supports multichannel, 32-bit sample depth,
192 kHz sample rate output
— Provides mic array support
— Allows for non-48 kHz sampling output
— Support for ACPI Device States
— Low Voltage Mode
Intel® Quiet System Technology
— Four TACH signals and three PWM signals
— Improved algorithms for better performance
Simple Serial Transport (SST) 1.0 Bus and
Platform Environment Control Interface (PECI)
USB 2.0
— Six UHCI Host Controllers, supporting up to
twelve external ports
— Two EHCI Host Controllers, supporting up
to twelve external ports
— Two Configuration Options for EHCI
Controllers 6+6 and 8+4
— Per-Port-Disable Capability
— Includes up to two USB 2.0 High-speed
Debug Ports
— Supports wake-up from sleeping states S1-S4
Supports legacy Keyboard/Mouse software
Integrated Gigabit LAN Controller
— Integrated ASF Management Controller
— Network security with System Defense
— Supports IEEE 802.3
— LAN Connect Interface (LCI) and Gigabit
LAN Connect Interface (GLCI)
— 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Support
— Jumbo Frame Support
Intel® Active Management Technology with
System Defense (Corporate Only)
— Network Outbreak Containment Heuristics
Intel® I/O Virtualization (VT-d) Support
Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel
TXT) Support (Corporate Only)
Power Management Logic
— Supports ACPI 3.0b
— ACPI-defined power states (C1, C2, C3, C4,
S1, S3-S5)
— ACPI Power Management Timer
— SMI# generation
— All registers readable/restorable for proper
resume from 0 V suspend states
— Support for APM-based legacy power
management for non-ACPI implementations
External Glue Integration
— Integrated Pull-up, Pull-down and Series
Termination resistors on processor I/F
— Integrated Pull-down and Series resistors on
Enhanced DMA Controller
— Two cascaded 8237 DMA controllers
— Supports LPC DMA
30 Datasheet
Note: Not all features are available on all ICH10 components. See Section 1.3 for more
— Faster speed, up to 100 kbps
— Flexible SMBus/SMLink architecture to
optimize for ASF
— Provides independent manageability bus
through SMLink interface
— Supports SMBus 2.0 Specification
— Host interface allows processor to
communicate via SMBus
— Slave interface allows an internal or external
Microcontroller to access system resources
— Compatible with most two-wire components
that are also I2C compatible
High Precision Event Timers
— Advanced operating system interrupt
Timers Based on 82C54
— System timer, Refresh request, Speaker tone
Real-Time Clock
— 256 Byte battery-backed CMOS RAM
— Integrated oscillator components
— Lower Power DC/DC Converter
System TCO Reduction Circuits
— Timers to generate SMI# and Reset upon
detection of system hang
— Timers to detect improper processor reset
— Integrated processor frequency strap logic
— Supports ability to disable external devices
Interrupt Controller
— Supports up to eight PCI interrupt pins
— Supports PCI 2.3 Message Signaled
— Two cascaded 82C59 with 15 interrupts
— Integrated I/O APIC capability with 24
— Supports Processor System Bus interrupt
1.1 V operation with 1.5 and 3.3 V I/O
— 5 V tolerant buffers on PCI, USB and
selected Legacy signals
1.1 V Core Voltage
Five Integrated Voltage Regulators for different
power rails
Firmware Hub I/F supports BIOS Memory size
up to 8 MBytes
Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
— Supports up to two SPI devices
— Supports 20 MHz and 33 MHz SPI devices
— NEW: Dual erase support
Low Pin Count (LPC) I/F
— Supports two Master/DMA devices.
— Support for Security Device (Trusted
Platform Module) connected to LPC.
— TTL, Open-Drain, Inversion
— GPIO lock down
NEW: JTAG (Corporate Only)
— Boundary Scan for testing during board
Package 31×31 mm 676 mBGA